Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WLJN interview, 9/21/11

After 42 years of NOT being on the radio, I had two book interviews in 3 days.  Thanks, WTCM FM and WLJN.  Here is a video of the interview with WLJN today (really, it's just the audio with some pics in the background so it doesn't get too boring.  But it might get boring anyway...)


  1. Anthony, AK and I just realized we got your book on the same day. He,through the internet and me,simply at school. We were both very eager to get it without the other knowing. Your radio interview was a "Best Seller". The book and your journey awaits us. God Bless Your Hard Work. LK

  2. Fabulous interview, Anthony! Just downloaded your book on Kindle. Can't wait to start reading it! ~ Danielle