"By allowing us a peek into his private pain, Weber beautifully articulates the fear that we face with death.  His harsh honesty with God and warm writing style pull us into our own desolation and then out again as only a great writer can. Anyone who struggles with grief and death should read Learning to Jump Again."  
     -  Meg Meeker, M.D., Best-Selling Author and Pediatrician  

Years ago I read C.S. Lewis' book, "A Grief Observed." I loved it then and I love it still. That is why mentioning Anthony Weber's new book in the same sentence as C.S. Lewis is high praise. Grief and hope embrace each other in this book the same way that truth and love must embrace if words are going to genuinely heal our brokenness... I highly recommend this marvelous book.
- Nick Twomey, Senior Pastor, Baypointe Community Church, Traverse City, MI

"Anthony Weber seems to have strapped a camera to himself as he took a plunge into grief... Learning to Jump Again... dares us to be honest with ourselves and God, reminding us that, no matter how far the drop, how terrifying the fall, how deep the plunge, and how murky the water, God remains caring, capable, and very near." - Gary Bower, Author, There's a Party in Heaven! 
Through the lens of his own suffering, Anthony offers us the freedom to look death, grief, suffering, and loss straight in the eyes without flinchingwithout having to make excuses, and without apology...  If you are in the midst of your own pain, or have been deeply wounded and do not seem yet at peace, read this book. Find Hope. Learn to Jump Again. - Grant Porteous, LMSW; Counselor; Life and Family Coach

 I was looking for a book to read that would enhance the boundaries of my own experiences of grief. Learning To Jump Again did just that....This is no book for the mild and retreating soul who sidesteps grief at every turn. It is an honest, raw, revealing look at the side of grief that is usually only shared in private, behind closed doors." D.L. Starkey, author, Grief's Untold Stories 

"When the time comes for any of us to face this new chapter in our lives, we will feel like the boy on the cover of the book, staring down and wondering if we are ready to jump again. While we may not be ready to resume normal life immediately following our loss, this book offers a message of hope. Life will not be the same as it was before, but we can find a new sense of normal through the hope and healing available through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ."  - Shaun Tabbat, Cross Focused Reviews; Bible Geek Gone Wild. 

In a grief memoir, I expected to find romantic poets, crusty theologians, and maybe a mega-church youth pastor or two. Instead, each chapter began with quotes from some of my favorite writers: Elie Weisel, J.R.R. Tolkein, Stephen R. Donaldson, Neil Gaiman, C.S. Lewis, Dostoyevsky, Stephen King, and Voltaire. And the quotes were thought provoking and, above all, authentic, adjectives that also describe the memoir that comes wrapped in these quotes.    - Bill Boerman-Cornell, Christian Schools International.

"Learning to Jump Again" was a bit of a surprise for me. The section of the book that was a memoir served poignantly to draw readers into the heart of a mourning man. But it did not leave readers with that; rather, Weber constantly struggled with issues that Christians at all stages must deal with. Further, the philosophical section which encompassed the latter part of the book is an excellent survey of a number of issues... The book tugs at the heart strings and gets the mind working... I recommend it very highly.  - J. W. Wartick, posted on Always Have a Reason.

"In Learning to Jump AgainAnthony works out his grief and the blow it struck to his faith. Though a minister, he begins to feel an intellectual, more than a heart belief. People going through grief will recognize many similarities with their experiences with loss."  - Pat Kirk, with Puckett Browne Publishing, at "Christians Read: Book Reviews."

"It is a brutally honest snapshot of one person’s journey down the road with a terminally ill family member, but most importantly it is a panorama of his return trip without that loved one....While the journal part of the book is raw and emotionally charged, the afterword is full of advice and hope and is immeasurably valuable to someone dealing with the death of a loved one."  - Brooke West, with the apologetics website The Poached Egg.

"Anthony Weber has written a truly unique story of his walk through grief that isincredibly comforting for anyone going through a similar journey. So many of us keep this pain to ourselves and tell everyone we are doing just fine, but to read these vivid and candid descriptions of pain and comfort, we realize we are not alone." Sonja Olshove, sociology and psychology professor at Northwestern Michigan College