Interviews and Events

Thanks to the fantastice folks at The Harvest Show for letting me a part of the morning!

The Christian radio station in Traverse City, WLJN, did an interview on 9/21/11. Thanks, Pete Lathrop and Lisa Lempke, for the interview and the ongoing opportunities.

The Traverse City Record-Eagle graciously featured my book in their "Body and Soul" section on Saturday, 10/8/11.  The writer did a great job summarizing an 80 minute conversation (good job, Greta!)

WTCM AM 580 in Traverse City was kind enough to do an interview with me about the book.  Thanks, Norm Jones and WTCM, for the opportunity! 

October 17: Book Release Event at the Good Work Collective in Traverse City, MI. (Interview by Beth Milligan, who is with the National Writers Series here in Traverse City).  

On November 5th, attendees at a conference entitled "God's Healing for Life's Losses" at New Hope Community Church in Traverse City, Michigan, received a complimentary copy of Learning To Jump Again as part of the conference resources. 

On November 29th, TV 7&4 in Traverse City aired a live interview as part of their Writers Minute (interview by Beth Milligan, also with the National Writers Series).  

On December 2, I did an in-studio interview with Bob Dutko, the host of a nationally syndicated Christian talk show transmitting from WMUZ Christian radio in Detroit, MI. 

On December 3, Horizon Books hosted a book signing in downtown Traverse City, MI. 

On December 5, Cross Focused Reviews published an online interview (thanks, Shaun!). Thanks also to Shaun for choosing Learning To Jump Again as one of his 5 favorite books of 2011.

 The Atmore Magazine (from my old stomping grounds) and the Patria, the alumni newsletter of Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, have already been gracious enough this December to provide some coverage.
On March 1, 2012 Christian Schools International graciously wrote and posted a short review on their Facebook page.  
During March 9-15, I was one of 10 authors featured in Cadillac, Michigan's "Trails and Tales," a collaborative effort between downtown Cadillac businesses and local authors.
Thanks to J.W. Wartick for a gracious review on March 30, 2012:
Amazing book promo video from Petersen Productions:
"What struck me the most about this book was how there was no pretention, no ‘look at me and how well I’m dealing with this’ in fact, it was quite the opposite. It is a brutally honest snapshot of one person’s journey down the road with a terminally ill family member, but most importantly it is a panorama of his return trip without that loved one.

There are so many hurting people into whose hands I would l like to press this book and will at the soonest opportunity. I wish someone would have handed it to me last July. While the journal part of the book is raw and emotionally charged, the afterword is full of advice and hope and is immeasurably valuable to someone dealing with the death of a loved one."
Thanks to Greg West and  The Poached Egg, a huge online apologetics website, for including Learning To Jump Again in its Top 100 List of Recommended Resources!